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Malama aina

Sustainability is carefully considered with everything we do at Wai Kai.  From water usage to our food suppliers to the products in our retail shop, we do our best to make conscientious choices that will help reduce our footprint on this earth.
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Water Quality
The Wai Kai Lagoon may be man-made, but its water is naturally filtered through millions of gallons of groundwater daily. Regular monitoring over the past nine years confirms the water quality meets or exceeds all state safety standards.  Here's how they keep it clean:
Natural filtration: Millions of gallons of groundwater flow through the lagoon daily
Seaweed power: Chara seaweed absorbs nutrients and prevents algae blooms.
Cleanliness measures: No direct drainage or excessive landscaping fertilizer allowed.
Ongoing monitoring: Scientists continue to monitor and develop sustainable maintenance plans.
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Endangered Water birds
Keep your eyes peeled for endangered water birds while visiting Hoakalei! Look out for the ‘Alae Ke‘oke‘o (black with white beak), the Koloa Maoli (small brown duck with green wing patches), and the okinaʻ (black and white with pink legs). These birds are nesting here, so please be respectful and avoid feeding them.
The LookOut Goes Green: Supporting a Sustainable Future!
We're stoked to announce that The LookOut is an Ocean Friendly Restaurant certified by the Surfrider Foundation!
This certification means The LookOut is committed to making waves for a healthier planet.  Here's how:
Ditching single-use plastic: We're saying no to plastic straws, bags, and other pollutants to keep our oceans clean.
Going green on the menu: We're featuring sustainable seafood options and supporting local farms for a healthy food chain.
Spreading the aloha: We're passionate about protecting our environment and inspiring others to join the movement.
By choosing The LookOut, you're not just enjoying delicious food and drinks, you're making a positive impact on our oceans and future.  That's something to celebrate!
The LineUp is partners with MiiR to help you stay hydrated and eco-friendly at the same time. Score stylish, reusable bottles, cups, and tumblers at Sessions, Foam, and the surfside bar. Fill them up with coffee, cocktails, or filtered water at any of our 3 refill stations around the park.
Why MiiR? Because they're all about good design, good karma, and good for the planet.
  • Built to last: MiiR products are tough enough for everyday adventures.
  • Fix, don't ditch: Broken parts? No worries! They offer replacements for longer product life.
  • Recycle-ready: When it's time to say goodbye, most MiiR products go straight in the blue bin.
  • Closing the loop: MiiR even takes back used products to use in new ones!
  • Plus, they donate a portion of their profits to environmental and community causes.
So grab a MiiR reusable, quench your thirst, and help us keep Wai Kai plastic-free!
Only leave your foot prints
At Wai Kai, we take our commitment to the environment seriously.  Because of our beautiful location near the lagoon and ocean, we've implemented Sustainable Event Standards for all our venues.  Here's how we're making a difference:
Ditching disposables: We say no to single-use plastics! All disposable products must be 100% BPI certified compostable.
Recycling: Aluminum and glass bottles are encouraged.  All bottled water must be aluminum or cardboard boxed packaging.
Local love: We support local farmers and vendors by encouraging the use of fresh, local ingredients in all food offerings.
Less waste, more wow: We discourage unnecessary decorations like balloons and streamers, opting for reusable and sustainable options.
Taking sustainability a step further: View Sustainable Events Standards
Together, let's create unforgettable events and a healthier planet with lots of aloha!


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