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Hours vary for surfing, paddling, and dining. Please click this LINK for details.
Are you Kamaaina? Join The LineUp Local Membership program for FREE! Sign Up in person at our Launch Guest Services Center inside Sessions Surf Shop and use your LineUp Local Membership ID to activate discounts on activities. Use your Membership ID to book online, in-person or by calling 808-515-7873 today! A Valid Hawaii State Driver’s License and/or Active Military ID will be required at check-in.  Prices subject to change at any time.

Experiences may be booked at full price to reserve your activity online and show Valid state ID at check in to redeem discounts if you do not have a LineUp Local Membership. We highly recommending signing up for LineUp local membership for future booking convenience.
Residents of Hawaii along with active military personnel that visit The LineUp will enjoy benefits such as discounted rates (10% off activity bookings and other featured discounts), exclusive programs and more.
Save time checking-in! Online bookings that have completed their waiver in advance through their confirmation emails can skip the Guest Services line and report directly to the activity location to check in and receive activity wristbands.
You only need one waiver per calendar year. You can complete your waiver through your booking confirmation email or visit the Guest Services Launch Center upon arrival.
  • For bookings made directly through The LineUp at Wai Kai to be eligible for a refund of the amount paid, less a $5 administrative fee per transaction, you must call 808-515-7873 or visit Launch to confirm your cancellation and/or reschedule no less than 48 hours before the scheduled activity (surf, paddle, lesson, scheduled pick-up time, or other product/service booking). Any bookings cancelled within 48 hours or no-shows will result in a 100% forfeiture of the amount paid.
  • For bookings made directly through The LineUp at Wai Kai to be eligible for re-booking or receive the transaction amount, you must call 808-515-7873 or visit Launch no less than 24 hours before the scheduled activity to confirm your re-booking or gift card request. Any bookings not rebooked within 24 hours or no-shows will result in a 100% forfeiture of the amount paid.
  • For bookings not made directly through The LineUp at Wai Kai, refund inquiries must be sent to the purchasing agent, agency, or site you booked through and must adhere to their rules and restrictions.
  • Bookings for Group Events, Na Opio Kai, Wai Kai Surf Academy/Lessons, or other specialty clinics – please refer to the specific cancellation policies and terms identified for those programs.
  • The safety of our guests is our number one priority and weather conditions are always taken into consideration. The LineUp at Wai Kai reserves the right to cancel any reservation if conditions are deemed unsafe (e.g. high winds or lightning). If so, we will reschedule or provide a refund for the activity that was cancelled.
  • If a guest decides they do not wish to participate in the activity at their own discretion the day-of, they will have the option to re-book. Guest who check-in for the activity and are unsatisfied with their experience due to weather, may re-book to another time slot or date at no additional charge, or request a full refund to a LineUp activity gift card. Rescheduling and gift cards will only be issued if their experience is limited to 2 hours or less and/or less than 50% of the activity time slot. 2 hours or more than 50% off activity time slots will not be eligible for any refund compensation.
  • ID
  • Appropriate swim attire
  • Towel
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
Guests may purchase provisions at the Sessions store on-site.
  • No outside food and beverages. Water Only.
  • No Coolers
  • No single use plastic water bottles. Only reusable water bottles are allowed.
  • No Smoking or Vaping
  • One-time decorations such as balloons, streamers, confetti, etc. are prohibited
  • No personal tents, chairs or umbrellas.


Surf Sessions are limited to ages 10+
Each surf session is a 1-Hour experience which includes a 15-minute safety and instructions orientation. 45 minutes on the wave, shared with other guests. Public sessions are capped at 10 surfers each session. Basic instructions, safety helmet and the use of our soft top surfboards, including a leash.
Learn to surf sessions feature the safety orientation, equipment rentals, hands on guidance and beginner level coaching. The Learn to surf session is featured on a beginner level setting allowing a more user-friendly experience for beginners and novice participants to learn the basic riding techniques.
The wave size is in reference to the width of surfing channel in feet. We highly recommend beginners/novice riders to start out on the 30ft wave channel before graduating to the 65ft or 100ft wave channel settings.
There is a learning curve for all new riders. If you have never ridden a city wave before or don’t have experience with river surfing, we highly recommend starting on the 30ft wave as we just want to set expectations for your experience and value.
The open surf session settings are our standard operating settings and fun for all levels of riders from novice to advanced. Advanced settings feature a faster pace water flow, steeper wave face transition and various sections for advanced maneuvers.
The patented technology by citywave® creates an experience most like river waves or rapid wave surfing. Instead of paddling to catch a wave you slide into it from the side and surf away! Visit the Surf page for more info about the technology.
You must know how to swim and be comfortable with holding your breath for 10 seconds under water. You must be at least 10 years old and 80 lbs. to surf the Wai Kai Wave and if you are 13 and under, you need to have a parent or guardian present. You must agree to sign a waiver (or have a parent/guardian sign if you are under 18) and obey all posted surf rules of the venue. Please come dressed in a bathing suit or reserve use of the surfside lockers and remove all jewelry prior to surfing.
Our standing wave is the quickest way to learn how to surf since you don’t need to learn to paddle and pop up. You get to cut to the best part of riding an open-face wave with no rough ocean whitewater, reefs, sea creatures, dangerous currents or crowds!
Absolutely! Our team of coaches will give you a full orientation before you surf and then help you select the right sized softboard and prep you for your first time surfing in our controlled setting. They then help steady you on the wave as you get the feel for your very first wave. You’ll then learn how to move back and forth across the face of the wave with your first session and there will be lots of big smiles, stoke, and aloha spirit as you become hooked on surfing!
Surfing a standing wave does feel a bit different than an ocean wave at first because of the strong flow of water running up the face of the wave. Some people describe the need to surf a bit heavier on the back foot to avoid catching your rail. Your first few waves will feel a bit awkward but most people pick it up quickly and you’ll probably be shredding in no time. Just be patient your first session. The key thing to note on a standing wave is you don’t paddle to catch a wave but rather sit down on the side of the surf lane, place your board on the surface of the water with your feet in your normal stance position – then simply stand up and push off. Once you get dialed-in, you can drop-in by doing a few quick steps off the side of the pool deck and transfer onto your board as it lands on the face of a wave (similar to skateboarding).
It’s important to book the right session for your ability. If you are a beginner or even brand new to standing waves we recommend you book a session in the 30 foot lane, which is more catered to learning. For a more hands on learning experience we suggest booking our LTS (learn to surf) session which includes hands on coaching as part of the session. If you are a high-level surfer who has never surfed a standing wave, we also strongly suggest you surf an Open Session your first time to get the feel for the wave before jumping to the higher volume of water flow of the Advanced Sessions. If you want to advance your surfing, check out booking a coaching session with our amazing surf coaches for progressing your skills. TOB (Time-On-Board) is maximized on a standing wave and you will progress your skills here faster than any other surf experience available in the world. Booking Tip: many surfers work on their skills by booking two sessions in a day with a break between to rest. Advanced surfers often book two 45-minute sessions back-to-back.
Although you can’t get barreled on a standing wave, you can work on all other elements of your surfing progression whether you’re an intermediate or expert advanced. This includes hard carving turns, laybacks, learning to release your tail and board spins are go-to maneuvers most experienced surfers work on to elevate their game for getting back into the ocean. During advanced sessions an air section will be available to attack and attempt aerials. Waves for experienced surfers can range from 5-6ft faces.
Yes, for sure bring your best small wave board and come rip the wave! For first sessions most surfers will be requested to ride one of our Catch Surf or Pyzel soft-top boards for your first few waves to get the hang of it. After that you can rent from our high-performance fleet or bring your own board. Leashes are required for all surfers.
We highly recommend you use one of our durable high-performance. If you do bring your own board, choose one of the smaller boards you own. Twin fins and quad fins are the most popular set ups. NOTE – we are not responsible for any damages if you choose to surf your own board.
Yes – you can body board, body surf and surf! We will have Hubboard bodyboards on hand to use (free). The launch for a bodyboarder is a bit trickier as you do have to do a belly whomp onto the face of the wave which can take a couple of tries to nail for the first timers. You can do this as part of any surf session with no special booking required, and you can also switch it up throughout your session to master all forms of riding a standing wave.
Surfing a standing wave is a lot like a skate park. There will be 10-12 surfers in each lane and the group splits into lines on either side of the lane to wait their turn. One surfer at a time rides the wave and when that surfer crashes (or is called off after approx. 45-seconds if they haven’t fallen) the next surfer can drop in, alternating with each side of the wall. You can drop in from either side you like after you master the take off and drop in.
Typically when you fall you’ll land either on the face or crest of the wave and the current will then flush you into a shallow zone where you can stand up and walk towards the pool exit. Our attendants are trained to ensure safety at all times and will assist you if you have any trouble getting to your feet after a fall. Helmets are available at no charge to all surfers. We do require beginner surfers and those 13 and under to wear helmets.
Yes! We offer 3-pack, 6-pack, and 10-pack surf session packages with the more sessions you buy — the more you save!. Surf packs are now transferrable and can be shared with friends and family. Use your Membership ID online or check-in at Guest Services to book a session for up to 4 people in a session based on availability. Surf Multi packs can be shared and must be used within 365-days of the purchase date.


Minimum age for the lagoon is 4 years old and 30 lbs.  Parent/guardian supervision is required for minors 17 & under on the lagoon.  Ages 4-7 must have a parent on same watercraft.
  • Ages 4+ & minimum 30lbs
  • Ages 4-13 require adult supervision
  • 4-7 ages require parent on shared watercraft
  • 8-13 ages require guardian on the lagoon
  • Ages 14-17 must have parent on property
  • 8+ for Hydro Bikes and Pedal boards
The weight limits are:
  • Pedal Boat- 750 lbs total for the boat
  • Pedal Board- 300 lbs
  • SUP- Depending on board size, largest board we have can accommodate up to 350 lbs
  • Single Kayak- 300lbs
  • Double Kayak- 450 lbs
  • Ares OC-1- 240 lbs
  • Volare OC-1- 280lbs
  • Surfski- 280 lbs
  • Hydrobike- 300 lbs
The Wai Kai Lagoon is primarily for watercraft usage and requires either the rental of one of The LineUp’s in-house watercraft or the use of personal watercraft during one of our lessons or clinics. These amenities can be booked by anyone and do not require a membership. Guests must be 4 years old and a minimum of 30 lbs to participate in activities on the Wai Kai Lagoon. Minors under 14 years old must be actively accompanied by a parent or guardian. For children under 8 years old, the parent or guardian must be on the same watercraft.
All guests must wear an approved PFD.  The Lineup provides PFDs to all ticketed guests. Guests are welcome to bring their own, but it must be a USCG approved Type II PFD.  Lagoon staff will inspect all personal life jackets. *No puddle jumper jackets are allowed.
The Wai Kai Lagoon will have something fun for everyone. We have kayaks, a wide variety of stand-up paddle boards, stand-up pedal boards, and pedal boats. For something a little different, and outrigger canoes and surfski’s for the seasoned paddlers. For all enthusiasts, we also will have Aquabana’s – floating cabanas – anchored around the lagoon for hanging out with friends and family. Visit our Lagoon page for info on booking all our watercraft.
Beginners are welcome! Life jackets are provided and required for all guests while on the lagoon. All guests must be able to swim. There are lessons and clinics for first timers for most of our watercraft as well as paddle clinics for some of the more advanced craft that require additional training to use. Water safety staff are on-site to assist with equipment and assistance if needed.
While the Wai Kai Lagoon offers naturally filtered pristine water, its design and depth prioritize the safety and enjoyment of watercraft activities like kayaking and paddleboarding. Swimming isn’t permitted without supervision to ensure everyone’s safety in this unique environment. Subscribe to our newsletter below to keep up to date with the opening of this and other planned additions to the venue.


  • AquaVenture Aloha Course is a great activity for family fun and welcomes keiki and adults.
  • Minimum Age 4
  • Ages 4-7 only on the keiki course
  • Ages 7+ for Aloha Course
  • Minors under 14 and required active parent/guardian supervision along with an adult ticket
All day pass based on operational hours. Times may vary. Weekends 10-4pm and weekdays 10-3pm.